Noah 11 Months

 Saturday, February 19, 2011

I took Noah outside to get some pictures.  I forgot how good my camera takes pictures outside!  He was fascinated with the leaves.
 I love his facial expressions.  He has so many!
Pure glee!
Such a sweet sweet boy!!!  He just started crawling about a week ago but he has already mastered it and is all over the house.  It is so cute to see him slowly making his way somewhere.  It's like he is seeing everything for the first time now that he can get to it himself.  Everything fascinates him!  He has discovered the dog food.  He has started eating a few more things, but his favorite is still macaroni and cheese.  He has decided that he would rather feed himself rather than let us do it (it's like he doesn't trust us!?)  If you feed him something and he isn't 100% what it is he will spit it back out and inspect it.  If he deems it worthy of eating it goes back in his mouth and if not he drops it on the floor for Doc.  He has already figured that out!  He is getting even more vocal and he will mimic sounds you make.  The girls love this game!

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