Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011
 This year was kind of an odd Valentine's Day.  I had to work, the kids had school and daycare, and Jason got sick.  Both girls had Valentine's parties and got tons of candy.  At holidays I usually let them a little then put their sacks up and ration it out.  But they are always bugging me to eat it and then they don't eat their dinner, yada, yada.  So I decided to try a different stradegy.  I told them they could eat all they wanted.  Eat it all for I care.  They both looked at me like maybe Momma had lost her mind.  But it actually worked really well.  They ate a bunch, but some they decided wasn't that great so they threw it away to move onto better things.  But it did get rid of 90% of their candy!   I figured they are going to ingest it one way or another, who cares if it is all at once or over a month.  

This is how Jason spent his Valentine's Day.  He had the flu and looked like he was about to slip off into a coma.  No fun!

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