Another One Bites The Dust!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
We thought we were done with the flu at our house but Macy got sick today.  Doc was being sweet and keeping her company.  Now but will Mackenzie escape our germs??? She is the only one who hasn't gotten it.  I was doing my best to keep their germs apart and I told them a dozen times not to drink after each other.  But tonight while I was putting Noah to bed I came out into the living room to find Mackenzie drinking after Macy!!!  This is what went down.

Me:  WHY?!? Are you drinking after Macy????
Macy:  Mom...  We are playing baby and she is pretending to be a baby (they had a sippy cup).
Me:  Um, ok.  So again, why is she drinking after you??
Macy:  Mom (rolling her eyes acting like I am being ridiculous) she isn't drinking after me.  The cup is empty.  
Me:  You realize she still has your germs.  You put that cup in your mouth.  Then she put it in her mouth.  You have germed her.
Macy:  But Mom, it was empty!  She didn't "drink" after me!

As frustrated as I was, it was still really funny.  They thought they were doing what I told them!

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