Hayride 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010 Tonight we went to our church's yearly Hay Ride. Everyone looks forward to it all year. It is SOOO much fun! We ride out to the lake on trailers lined with hay bales for an evening of fellowship, food and worship. Look at these hoodlums all ready to go! Sister hug! We had roasted weenies for dinner but the highlight of the whole event for the kids is the smores! This is the face of a kid who is clearly enjoying her smores! A beautiful sunset and worship.

Halloween 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010 So we started our FFD (Family Fun Day) with sleeping in a little and then having a late lunch at McDonald's. When we got home we made all the kids lay down for a nap so they would be good and rested for the evening festivities. Noah didn't nap very long and the girls never did go to sleep, so we finally let them get up. But within about 5 minutes of Mackenzie getting up, she laid down in the chair and conked out. Then she rolled off in the floor, and slept there for like 2 hours! This was with all 4 of us up and people were literally stepping over her to get around her out of the living room. Poor kid was tired! We finally had to wake her up when it was time to get dressed to go trick or treating. My adorable Princess Tiana, Monkey, and Scary Pink Monster. Her majesty Princess Tiana! Kenzie thought she looked like a monster from Monsters Inc. I think she does too! This is Mackenzie's "Scary Face"! Love it! My sweet little monkey boy. I love this costume because I bought it for Macy's first Halloween and all three kids have worn it. So the real question is, which monkey does he most resemble??? Monkey Macy - Halloween 2005

Or.... Monkey Mackenzie - Halloween 2007

New Playground Tricks

Friday, October 29, 2010 Macy has been wanting to show us the new "big kid" things she has learned to do since she started kindergarten. I do have to say I was pretty impressed with how much her coordination has improved and how much braver she has become since starting school this year. It involved lots of climbing, swinging, flipping, and hanging. Kenzie had fun following Macy as best she could. Me and Noah snuggled on the slide and watched the sisters. Our biker gang headed home.

Sweet Baby Boy

Thursday, October 28, 2010 Noah was hanging out with me outside the library while we waited for Mackenzie to get out of story time. He is SO SWEET! And SO HAPPY! His cheesy grin just melts my heart.

Jason The Photographer

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Since I have been taking so many pictures lately Jason has gotten somewhat interested in photography. I am glad because it's neat to see the perspective of someone else through pictures. Here are a couple he took of our flowers in our front yard.

Macy's Resupe

Tuesday, October 26 2010 Macy made this recipe at school and when she got home she insisted she rewrite out the instructions and we make it. It's the "Cup of Dirt" with pudding and crushed Oreos. She totally sounded out all the words by herself! She is learning so much in kindergarten. She even had a fancy flower spoon to go with it.

Everyday Is Easter At Our House

Monday, October 25, 2010 Even though our chickens have a coop where they sleep, during the day they like to get out and run around our backyard. And the girls love to let them out and play with them so they spend a good part of everyday running around the backyard. Supposedly most chickens lay their eggs in the morning, but our chickens are freaks and lay them at all hours. So rather than laying their eggs in their coop or nesting box, they just kind of lay them where the heck ever. They have a few favorite spots, under the grill, in the garden, and under the peach tree. But there is really no telling where you will find them. The girls have a pretty good time running around finding chicken eggs in random places. After work I went outside to close the door from the sun room to the backyard and Penny was just sitting there. Staring at me. Not in any hurry to go anywhere, so I just let her be. I peeked out there about 45 minutes later and this is what she had been doing.

All Affair of the Hearted Out.

Sunday, October 24, 2010 Me and my sister hung out today and went shopping at the Affair of the Heart. Noah powered through 2 buildings but just couldn't last any longer. Rachel picked him up and he immediatly conked out on her. He loves his Aunt Ray-Ray. But then she was stuck carrying him through the next building. He's worth all the back pain lugging him around inflicts.

Sewing Day

Saturday, October 23, 2010 The girls stayed with my parents this weekend so I got to relax and sew a good part of the day. I got several diapers done but this one was my favorite. All Halloween-ie. Looking good on my adorable model. And I sewed up a bunch of wipes. Ooooo... Ahhh.......

Feet Warmers

Friday, October 22, 2010 Every night when I get on my computer this is what I see. For some reason this is where they think they belong.

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday, October 21, 2010 Yay for cousins! We took the girls to a pumpkin patch this afternoon. They loved looking at all the different pumpkins. And somehow they all managed to get their shoes on the wrong feet. It's a gift.... Train ride. Super fun! Holly in her Magic Bus! What a bunch of cuties. All the littles together! My little farmer boy.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Me and Jason kind of missed out on the whole Lost craze. And then when we thought it sounded kind of interesting pretty much everyone said you can't jump in during the middle. So we didn't. But we always kind of wondered what all the hoopla was about. Then they put it on Netflix instant view, which we decided was the only way to watch it. We were s glad we didn't watch it when it was actually on TV. Rather than it being dragged out for weeks, months, years... We watched the whole show, all 6 seasons, in about 3 months. We only had to get the actual disks for season 6. And it was a super good show!

Noah - 7 Months

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Noah is officially 7 months old today! The poor guy had a 105 fever when I got home from work. You could tell he felt so terrible but he still managed to stay in such a good mood. Sweet, sweet boy. This is his new silly face. I have no idea why he makes it but it cracks us all up!

100,000 Miles!

Monday, October 18, 2010 We are so dang hard on our cars. We have pushed yet another one over the 100,000 mile edge. Please continue to be good to us Isabella Inchworm (that is what Macy named our Altima)!

Cloth Diapers = Total Domination!

Sunday, October 17, 2010 I made a few cloth diapers before Noah was born because they are SO cute. I just got them out this past week because I had made them a little big. I love them. So I did a little more research this week, got a better pattern, and figured out better material to use. It turned out SOOO cute! It is almost done, I just have to add snaps to it and make the inside liner (all things that have to hurry up and come in the mail this week)!!

The Middle Is Apparently The Best Part.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 Jason spent most of the day at church today because they were having a work day. I took the kids up there at lunch because they were grilling hamburgers and so we could hang out. After we ate hamburgers Jason set out a couple boxes of cookies. We had thought we were being smart and put all the kids at one table so the adults could eat in peace at the other. We noticed Macy kept going back for more cookies. When we finally decided it was time to cut her off we noticed this. She had taken about a dozen Oreos and just ate the middle out. She was stacking the cookie part aside and had the intention of getting more. Kids!!!

Best. Dog. Ever.

Friday, October 15, 2010 We love you so much Doc and your doggie smile. You were our first baby and you have tolerated more than any dog should have to. Throughout your life with us you have endured the addition of 3 cats, 5 chickens, multiple fish, and 3 noisy children that constantly disturb your sleep. You are still the Mary. Always will be.

Sweet Sisters

Thursday, October 14, 2010 Pajamas and flip flops. The best! The weather has been SO pretty lately. The girls have been playing outside so much. They love to swing. Off in their own little world. They are so fun to watch laugh and play when they don't realize we are paying attention to them!

Bad to the Bone

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Trouble just waiting to happen.