Poor Doc

Friday, January 7, 2011 We had a date night tonight with the Dickerson's and our friend Savannah was awesome enough to watch all 3 of our kids!! (Thanks Savannah!) We got home and Doc hung out with us for awhile before bed and seemed totally fine. Right before bed he threw up and we thought he had probably just eaten his dog food too fast. So we go to bed and he WILL NOT settle down! He kept going back and forth from our room to the living room and scratching and just acting weird, and he never has trouble settling down at night. So I go to see what is going on and this is what I find! He is COVERED from head to toe in hives!! It was the most pitiful thing I have ever seen. He was sooo itchy and was rubbing on everything. Even his poor face was covered in hives : ( He scratched his poor ears so hard they started bleeding. Luckily our vet's answers calls at night (it was like 12:30 am) and he said to give him Benadryl. We only had children's Benadryl so Jason had to run to Walgreens to get some but it started helping within about 20 minutes and the hives went away and he could finally sleep. We still have no idea what he got into that he was so allergic to. He has never been allergic to anything before. I sure hope it doesn't happen again, but at least we know next time how much Benadryl to give him.

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  1. Poor Doc! This reminds me of the time that Cassie was bitten by something and her snout/eye was swollen. I had heard that you could give Benadryl to dogs but not cats. So I guesstimated how much to give her and the swelling went down.