Noah's 10 Months

Wednesday, January 15, 2011 Noah is 10 months today and my poor baby boy spent the day sick. We had thought he was teething but the tooth broke through and he just kept getting sicker so I took him to the doctor and found out he had RSV. He is so sweet even when he doesn't feel good. So this is how he spent his evening, doing breathing treatment. He hated it but eventually got used to it. They helped improve his breathing so much. He was so sick that day I didn't get many pictures, so I waited a few days till he was much better to get some pics of my happy-feeling-good Noah. He's still rocking a hard core mullet! He still isn't crawling but he gets where he wants to go. He has mastered the stretch and reach. And the pivot and roll. And body slamming Zu-Zu Pets. He rolls all over the place till he gets where he's going. See Ya!

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