Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas all cooped up in the house together.  The kids woke us up bright and early and were so excited to see what they got from Santa.  The girls asked for American Girl dolls so they weren't too surprised, but Noah had no idea he was getting a train table.  I thought his head might start spinning he was so excited!  Noah and the girls played with it all day. 

Macy made this adorable "kaleidoscope" for Mackenzie's stocking and wrote this sweet note.  She has such a thoughtful heart.

We ate cinnamon rolls and played with toys and then the kids played outside in the snow.  We finished the evening with some movies and a delicious steak dinner.  I was sad we didn't make it to OKC to see everyone that day but it was great to just stay home and relax as a family. 

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